Why Africa? Why Kolanut?

“In our experience,
the instinct of most business people is to
underestimate Africa's size and potential as a market
and overestimate the challenges of doing business there.”
— Acha Leke, Chairman of McKinsey & Company's Africa Practice

The African market is one of the fastest-growing in the world.

Projected Population of Africa
Projected Market Size in Africa
— Leke, A., Chironga, M., and Desvaux, G. (2018). Africa's Business Revolution: How to succeed in the world's next big growth market (1st ed.). Brighton: Harvard Business Review Press.

But uncertainties that come mainly from the lack of expertise of the local economy and culture prevent many foreign investors from tapping into the African market.

This is not only a challenge for the investors, but also for the numerous small-and-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the continent. Although their growth is vital to the continent's development, they struggle to access financial capital necessary for growth.

The disconnect between the African continent and foreign capital

This disconnect between the African continent and foreign capital is a problem that not only causes frustration of many investors, but also prolongation of poverty in many African countries.

That's where Kolanut comes in.

Based on our expertise in the local economy and commitment to empowering the local community, we develop our enterprises in old economy industries that generate cash.


A preview of one investment cycle

1. Investment:

Investments are used to add infrastructure and recruit new employees to Kolanut-owned enterprises in Ghana and Kenya.

2. Growth:

Our employees earn fair wages for their work and receive entrepreneurial training, preparing them to become future entrepreneurs and potential partners with Kolanut.

3. Return:

With the revenue made, investors receive a return on investment. A portion of the revenue generated is re-invested by Kolanut to develop human and physical capital.

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