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The Team

Alexander Asante, CEO

Hannington Omwanza, COO

Kevin Parker, CFO

Chege Gitau, CTO

Jinn Park, CBO

What is Kolanut?

Our name comes from the fruits of the kola tree in tropical rainforests of Africa. In West Africa, it is customary for the host to offer kolanut to honorable guests and for the two to break open the kolanut together. It is a symbol of respect and of unity.

Kolanut Capital, LLC lives up to the principles represented by this symbol. We are an operational private equity fund with a social mission: to honor both our investors and employees through profitable and sustainable businesses.

Our Story

Kolanut Capital, LLC started from a bus, a farm, and the belief that small businesses can provide solutions to deep social and environmental problems in Africa.

Alexander and Hannington, the two co-founders of the company, were born and raised in Ghana and Kenya respectively. In 2015, they enrolled in Princeton University and earned their Bachelor’s Degrees.

During their Princeton career, they each started a small business in their hometowns. Alexander started a public transportation business with a bus and Mr. Ofori, the driver. Hannington started a farm based on sustainable and self-sufficient farming model.

Both of these businesses were nothing new to Alexander and Hannington; they both grew up helping their family and relatives run similar businesses. What was different, however, was that they saw the potential for these enterprises to become something more than just profitable businesses. They saw how it positively changed the lives of the people who joined their businesses: how it provided their employees an opportunity to become entrepreneurs, to earn sustainable wages, and to do more than simply "get by" from day to day.

This is where Kolanut Capital, LLC was born.

Based on the belief that sustainable entrepreneurship can create both profitable and socially good businesses, Kolanut Capital, LLC was founded. We aim to become the bridge that connects the untapped potential in the African markets with the financial capital in North America. With the necessary financial capital, Kolanut seeks to grow and operate businesses and create a culture of sustainable entrepreneurship through them.

Our Philosophy

  1. When a seed is planted, it needs water, nutrients and the sun to grow.

    These are financial capital, human capital and expertise in the local economy.

  2. After it grows into a tree, it starts producing fruit.

    After our first investment cycle (3 years), we are able to provide high returns to our investors.

  3. Fruits are not only delicious, but they also contain seeds that grow to become trees.

    We provide our employees with professional and entrepreneurial training so that after three years, they can become business owners themselves.

  4. And slowly, a single tree grows into a forest.

    Our ultimate mission is to make sustainable entrepreneurship the norm in the business practices of our host countries.

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